Day Nineteen – São Paulo

Since we came to Sao Paulo for more than two weeks ago, Thierry, has been registering and observing the situation around the world from Sao Paulo and expressing about it daily. Today we have invited artists from Sao Paulo to exhibit together with Thierry. The artists were invited to produce and exhibit artworks the same day and to reflect about the now-emergencies.

Following artists participated: Jac Leirner, Carla Chaim, Artur Lescher, Daniel Lie, Bel Falleiros, Flavia Mielnik, Amaury Santos, Laura Gorski, Ícaro Lira, Renata Cruz, Bruno Galan, Alessandra Duarte, Peter de Brito, André Gomes, Lucas Simões, Raquel Kogan and Lea van Steen.

The artists represent different generations and different artistic styles. There is a good “biodiversity” in the group.


We were very curious to see what the artists would bring and how they would balance between what they normally do and the new challenge of producing fast looking at emergencies.

I could see two tendencies and two main groups of artists.

One group was pointing a finger on specific issues such as mosquito Zika virus and the fumigation, the police violence and killing, new Danish law allowing seizing assets from refugees, freedom of speech and media manipulation, homophobia, etc. These artworks were connected to the spirit of emergency art because there were communicating about actual problems that need to be expressed about today.

The other group was more reflecting on the process of doing artwork in a day or on the way we receive daily information. Some used a diary-format registering the movements and activates of the day and others collected things from the street the same day. There were also some reflections on how to grab the moment in a passing time and shorten the process from inspiration to expression. Some artists also reflected about the coexistence of different kind of “times”: the time connected to the daily news, the timeframe of one day seen from the space, the time as the natural time process of life and death, etc. This group was less connected to the emergency art and more to the ultracontemporary art in general. (EMERGENCY ART is one of the categories in the ULTRACONTEMPORARY ART)

Even though the contributions were very different, the groups used some similar technics like newspaper cutouts, readymade-like objects and text with statements. It is interesting to observe the formative solutions in this exhibition because they tell us something about the process and speed of production. How did artists find their shortcuts in the process and what is the aesthetic of the shortcut.

The community is another important aspect of this exhibition. After the installation, each artist involved had a chance to explain his or her artwork to the other artists as well as the audience and the press. The strengthening of the community happens when there is a shared space and time. Today Galeri Emma Thomas opened its doors for such a moment to happen. Artists from the gallery network across the age, style and career levels shared the space and time of production today. It was a dynamic and beautiful gathering that we wish to see as a beginning of a bigger movement in art.


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