Tenth day in Johannesburg

Today we decided to do the exhibition outside of the museum.

The artists went out to the streets with their artworks. They installed them in the urban space and debated about the works with each other and the people passing by. To involve people randomly in to the debate brings a new interesting unpredictable element to the debate.

The place we chose this time was a bridge that marks the difference between the popular Maboneng neighborhood where the museum is situated and a more raw and underdeveloped area. The bridge symbolizes the border and the stream of people crossing the bridge was definitely different from the regular visitors in the museum.

The decision to bring the artists and their artworks to the streets was not only based on a interest in exploring the urban space, but also on the wish to go out of the museum’s safe zone and engaging with the local environment.
By moving the emergency art platform outside of the museum we also question the institution and its role in the community.


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